Friday, May 23, 2008

John Ball Park Craft Show a Success

I was definitely worried about the outcome of the John Ball Park Craft Show that was held on Sat., May 17th 2008. The forecast was calling for rain the entire week. I went out and bought a new EZ Up tent for the occasion.

Fortunately, it did not rain until much later that evening. Though very windy, the sun helped to keep things at a good temperature. The show coincided with the opening of a new exhibit at the Zoo, so there were a good number of people milling through the craft show on their way in. I met lots of interesting people there. There was even a booth for Voo Doo dolls. It was crazy how many they were selling. I think that a lot of people have unresolved issues with former friends, exes, etc. :)

Overall, it was a great experience and Princess Prettys is looking forward to doing the show again next year.