Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ponytail Streamers

Ponytail Streamers
Another one of our most popular products are ponytail streamers. These beautiful bows work best for preschoolers and up. Pull hair half up or into a full ponytail. Each bow is made with 6 streamers of varying widths. The ends are heat-sealed to eliminate fraying. Streamers can be made with a high quality hair elastic or the most popular way, attached to a partially-lined alligator clip. This option gives moms and girls the best control in regards to placing the bow and making it centered on the ponytail.
These are great for cheerleaders or future cheerleaders. Choose from a variety of solids, stripes, polkas and prints. In the next few weeks, more and more ready to ship streamers will be photographed and added to our website,


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