Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What Will Happen?

If you still haven't heard (which is likely), there is a new federal law regarding children's products and lead testing. Because of the huge issue of toys from China having lead last Christmas, Congress rushed to create a law to protect children. While good in intention, the law casts such a wide net that it causes thousands of businesses to spends thousands a year on testing or close their doors.

Every single product and its components have to be tested at a testing facility. It does not matter if the materials have been tested, the finished product must be tested. What does that mean for Princess Prettys? Well, even though I have confirmed with my suppliers that my ribbon is lead-free, each and every hair bow would have to be tested in order to be sold. NO WAY could any bow maker stay in business with these types of requirements.

How does it effect you? Every product intended for children 12 and under will have to adhere to these rules. This means the costs of testing will be passed on to the consumer. Expect to pay higher prices for anything for your children - clothing, bedding, toys, shoes, etc. Also, second hand stores will be longer be able to stay in business, so there are no low-priced alternatives. You can't even DONATE things that have not been tested and certified! Anything that is manufactured before Feb. 10th that is not retested for compliance with be considered contraband and cannot be sold until tested. That leaves companies with lots of unsold inventory that may end up being thrown away.

The law needs to be amended, and until it is, I am at a standstill with my business. I am going to just sit tight until February 10th, the deadline date, and see what can be done. If you could please sign a petition to amend the law, go to my website at and click on the link to the Save Handmade petition.